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Animal disease surveillance reports 2023

Published 08 September 2023Statistical reports

Animal disease surveillance reports 2022

Published 08 September 2023Statistical reports

Immunodiagnostics Unit Price List

Published 08 September 2023Promotional material

IDB Submission Form

Published 07 September 2023Forms

AFBI Annual Report and Accounts 2021 - 2022

Published 28 July 2023Corporate reportsFinancial plans and reports

AFBI FOI Compliance Statistics Report 2023/24

Published 04 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

Honeybee Husbandry Survey Report 2022-2023

Published 28 June 2023Surveys / Evaluations

AUTODAIRY Project - Promotional materials

Published 14 June 2023Promotional material

Grass Open Day 2023 Booklet

Published 08 June 2023Promotional material

Soil Nutrient Health Scheme - Zone 2 Flyer

Published 18 May 2023Promotional material

UK-NRLMB (AFBI) Proficiency test summary 2022

Published 05 May 2023Statistical reports

Soil Nutrient Health Scheme Overview

Published 26 April 2023Guidance literature

All-Island Animal Disease Surveillance Report 2021

Published 17 April 2023Statistical reports