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Animal disease surveillance reports 2014

Published 31 December 2014Inspection reports

Minutes of Board meeting - November 2014

Published 22 December 2014Agendas and minutes

Asset Management Strategy

Published 22 December 2014Corporate reports

Forage maize - growing conditions

Published 17 December 2014Surveys / Evaluations

Forage maize - candidate varieties

Published 17 December 2014Guidance literature

Recommended potato varieties for Northern Ireland 2013

Published 16 December 2014Surveys / Evaluations

News and Views issue 6

Published 12 December 2014Circulars

2014 - residue testing results and commentary

Published 11 December 2014Surveys / EvaluationsStatistical reports

Underlying factors affecting mushroom disease control

Published 10 December 2014Support Material

Potato flea beetles

Published 10 December 2014Guidance literatureSupport Material

Recommended grass and clover varieties for Northern Ireland 2016

Published 09 December 2014Surveys / Evaluations

News and Views issue 5

Published 28 November 2014Circulars

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation data release form

Published 26 November 2014Forms

AFBI Cattle Health Scheme - Milk testing prices

Published 26 November 2014Forms