Responsive Research from AFBI/QUB Partnership

Date published: 31 May 2019

“With more food needed to feed the world in the next 50 years than was needed over the last 500 years, collaboration and the adoption of new technologies across the agri-food chain is more vital than ever”.

This was the message delivered by Professor Nigel Scollan at a breakfast briefing at the Balmoral Show, marking the first anniversary of the partnership between AFBI and Queen’s University Belfast.

Focusing on maximising resources and facilities, the partnership aims to deliver responsive, high quality research which builds on the strengths of both organisations.

“This has been a progressive first year, but we are at the start of a very significant journey,” commented Dr Stanley McDowell, CEO of AFBI. “The global challenges of food production, climate change and environmental pressures provide the backdrop for a period of unprecedented change."

“Our collaborative approach will play a significant role in ensuring the agri-food sector remains globally competitive, innovative and sustainable.”

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