Economics Research Branch (ERB) is a specialist unit within AFBI which provides a strategic socio-economic modelling, knowledge transfer and decision support service for a wide range of customers in Government, NGOs and the Private Sector, both nationally and internationally.

Feeding silage to housed cattle

AFBI economics uses state of the art quantitative and qualitative economic modelling techniques which meet the needs of government at regional and national levels for high quality, relevant socio-economic evidence to support effective policy development, implementation and evaluation. Our research also supports the optimization of efficiency and effectiveness of resource use in the agri-food and rural sectors.

Cattle grazing in a walled field

A key feature of the work is ERB economist’s close interaction with customers and stakeholders both in the formulation of its work programme and in the interpretation and dissemination of results. By working in this way we have experienced significant growth in demand for its services at regional, national and international levels. Much of the growth as a consequence has been sustained by external funding from across its customer base, where there is increasing demand for rigorous socio-economic evidence to support decision making.

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