New AFBI Podcast channel launched

Date published: 01 September 2023

AFBI has launched "AFBI Impacts", a new podcast channel featuring conversations with farmers and stakeholders on the impact AFBI has on agriculture and the terrestrial and aquatic sea environments in Northern Ireland.

This series showcases how cutting edge research enables the agri-food industry to market its products nationally and internationally, helps protect animal and plant health and ensures the safety of the food we eat, guards our land and sea environments and is critical to our economic and environmental sustainability.

In these changing times AFBI IMPACTS gives you the inside track.

Podcast No. 1:

In this episode, we discuss how AFBI supports farming, sustainable agriculture and the environment. Joining in the conversation are Professor Elizabeth Magowan (Director of AFBI's Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences Division), Martyn Blair (Poultry Farmer and AFBI Board Member), William Irvine (Dairy Farmer and Ulster Farmers Union Deputy President) and Josh Morton (Dairy Farmer and Ulster Farmers Union next generation member).

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