Economy, Environment & Society: Making a Difference through World-class Research

Date published: 10 May 2018

AFBI will be out in force at the 2018 Balmoral Show next week and will be exhibiting independently as part of its wider outreach activity.

Celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, AFBI’s Balmoral exhibition aims to enhance understanding of the organisation and the impact of its world class research work at a farm, environmental, societal and economic level. 

The focus will be on highlighting efficiencies in food production and reduced environmental impact delivered through AFBI’s scientific research, showcasing how it delivers tangible benefits to the agri-food sector, rural communities and wider society.

“AFBI is well known and respected across the agri-food community but it is vital that the general public has a better understanding of the work we undertake, and how the work that we do has the potential to impact on everyday lives,” said Sinclair Mayne, AFBI Chief Executive.

“Balmoral provides the perfect platform to engage with the widest possible range of people – from farmers and politicians to school children and everyone with an interest in food production and the wider rural and aquatic environments. It’s a great opportunity to bring science and research to life and make it meaningful by explaining our involvement and the outcomes of our work.”

A significant aspect of AFBI’s work involves its collaborations and partnerships with other research organisations, global agencies and universities. Always keen to explore new opportunities, AFBI will also be using its time at Balmoral Show to highlight new innovations and technologies which will transform the future of farming and food.  

“The agri-food industry is at a pivotal point, facing a great deal of change, new pressures and fresh challenges,” added Sinclair Mayne.

“To remain competitive, we must seek to utilise the very best of all available services and skills set – inside AFBI and beyond. This means working closely with our partners in research and industry, pooling resources and expertise to deliver a sound, compelling and sustainable future for all involved in agri-food production.”

In addition to a range of displays telling the AFBI story, the exhibition will include an education area while experts will be on hand to talk to Show visitors about the latest research developments. All visitors are welcome to the AFBI Marquee at B11, adjacent to the Cattle Rings and Food Pavilion.

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