AFBI have recently launched the AFBI Science Impacts 2020 publication which highlights some of the organisations latest achievements and key scientific outcomes.

AFBI Science Impacts 2020

In his introduction to the publication Dr Stanley McDowell, AFBI’s CEO, highlighted that “AFBI science plays a crucial role in providing the underpinning research and development, diagnostic and analytical testing, emergency response capability and expert scientific advice required to support the various work programmes of DAERA and the wider requirements of the agri-food industry”.  

The articles in the booklet reflect the broad spectrum of science that AFBI conducts across its three key themes of leading improvements in the agri food industry, protecting animal, plant and human health and enhancing the natural and marine environments.  The publication highlights AFBI’s work on ensuring sustainable and profitable agri-food production delivered in harmony with a clean, healthy, and diverse environment which remains a long term challenge for the local agri-food industry and our natural capital.  The publication also includes examples of how AFBI’s science is helping address significant global challenges which affect all of us such as climate change, food security, disease emergence and the growing threat from antimicrobial resistance.  

Dr McDowell highlights that “against the backdrop of global and local challenges, arguably the need for science has never been greater” and that “AFBI is well placed to contribute to meeting these challenges through our work”.  Dr McDowell also notes that many of the achievements highlighted in the publication involves AFBI working in close collaboration with industry, government and academic colleagues.

Ultimately, the publication reflects the excellence of AFBI’s scientists through their ability to conduct highly relevant applied science, addressing local needs but also making a scientific impact nationally and internationally.  

Download the Impacts 2020 Publication

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