AFBI Postgraduate research addresses key issues for NI's Agri-Food Sector

Date published: 14 June 2016

How can silage made from different grass swards improve the performance of dairy cows? How does piglet birth weight affect their weight and body condition as adults? What are the economic and environmental implications of milk quota abolition across the island of Ireland? Answers to these and many other key industry issues were addressed at the annual Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Postgraduate Research Symposium.

Keynote speakers and prize winners pictured at the annual AFBI Postgraduate Research Symposium

AFBI currently has over 60 postgraduate scholars involved in a wide range of scientific disciplines which mirror the overall work of the Institute including Agri-Environment, Plant Sciences, Animal and Plant Health, Fisheries, Food Science and Agri-Food Economics.

Second year student, Conor Dolan, received an award for his presentation on the sustainable management of Lough Neagh eels.  This industry-focussed project is the first to be funded by the Lough Neagh Fisherman’s Co-operative Society.  Anna Lavery, a second year student based at AFBI Hillsborough, also received an award for her presentation on how energy intake during gestation can affect sow reproductive performance.

Dr Sinclair Mayne, Director of the Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences Division within AFBI, congratulated all the students on the quality and relevance of their research to the NI agri-food sector and commented “I am very confident that many of today’s postgraduate scholars will play a major role in helping society meet the global challenge of sustainable intensification of food production, in their future careers. Postgraduate scholars are the life blood of any research organisation and within AFBI we really value the very significant contribution that our 60 postgraduate scholars make to our research programme across a very wide range of scientific disciplines’.

Further details of AFBI’s postgraduate research presented at the annual symposium can be found here

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