Areas of Expertise

Animal Health and Welfare

AFBI’s animal health and welfare programme is directed towards helping government and industry maintain and improve the health and welfare of our production animals.


Sustainable Livestock

‘Advancing Animal Science, Improving Livestock Farming’ is the focus of the AFBI research farm at Hillsborough, where scientific teams provide independent, internationally published res

Grassland and Plant Science

AFBI delivers an internationally recognised programme in grass breeding, in conjunction with a commercial partner, Barenbrug, and conducts applied research on grassland agronomy.

Environmental Protection

AFBI’s environmental research provides an improved understanding of the inter-relationships of agriculture, land use, climate change and the ecological status of freshwater resources in NI.

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems

The Fisheries and Aquatics Ecosytems Branch (FAEB) supports four programmes providing research, monitoring and technology transfer in support of evidence-based sustainable management of freshwater

Food Safety

AFBI provides innovative research and development, analytical and diagnostic services and specialist advice on the chemistry and microbiology of food.



Economics Research Branch (ERB) is a specialist unit within AFBI which provides a strategic socio-economic modelling, knowledge transfer and decision support service for a wide range of customers i