Agri-Food Market and Policy Analysis

AFBI economists plays a key role in generating evidence for  agri-food policies regionally and nationally. AFBI research focuses on guaranteed supply chain analysis, price stability, product quality, land use policy and employment. Agriculture is proportionally more significant in Northern Ireland than any other part of the UK in terms of employment and economic contribution and as such anything that affects the sector, either negatively or positively, will have significant impacts.

BREXIT is imposing further uncertainty on the farm sector in addition to the challenges it currently faces from price and income volatility. Throughout the UK – and especially in Northern Ireland – farm business incomes, particularly in the beef and sheep sectors, are currently dependent on direct and indirect support from Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Current research by AFBI Economics is analysing the economic impacts of Brexit on the agri-food sector at UK level and individually for Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

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