Barriers to new entrants to farming

This project will address the possible existence and extent of barriers to new entrants to farming and analyse appropriate policy interventions through: (1) a literature review, (2) an investigation of farm family attitudes, and (3) policy simulations using farm business models. The literature review will collate and appraise the key policy documents and academic papers relevant to the topic. The investigation of farm family attitudes will attempt to focus on such issues as: (a) the attitudes of farmer, spouse and children to farming as a family business, (b) the existence of any financial, social or personal constraints on entry to the industry, (c) an exploration of private family solutions to these succession problems, and (d) possible public policy interventions to help solve succession problems. Although the vast majority of farmers come from farming families, it may be interesting to include within this investigation of farm family attitudes (if possible), some farmers who do not come from a traditional farming background. The farm modelling element of the project will employ profit maximising farm business models to investigate possible public policy solutions to the perceived problems of succession.