35 publications

Brown Crab Advice Sheet 2021

Published 14 October 2021Guidance literature

Ash Sawfly Factsheet

Published 13 May 2021Guidance literature

AFBI Data Protection Policy

Published 01 December 2020Corporate reportsGuidance literaturePolicy papers

AFBI Paired Respiratory Disease Testing

Published 16 April 2019Guidance literature

Encryption User Guide - opening encrypted files

Published 05 February 2019Guidance literature

Dairy Innovations 2018 - Profiting from AFBI Research Booklet

Published 08 June 2018Guidance literatureResearch and analysisSupport Material

FAPRI EU and UK Baseline Briefing Book 2016

Published 01 August 2017Financial plans and reportsGuidance literatureSupport Material

Explanatory Booklet for the Soil Sampling and Analysis Scheme

Published 26 May 2017Guidance literature

AFBI Complaints Policy and Procedures

Published 16 February 2016CorrespondenceGuidance literature

BovIS user guide

Published 15 February 2016Guidance literature

DOLMANT project zooplankton images

Published 17 November 2015Guidance literature

Woodchip quality workshop

Published 08 September 2015Guidance literaturePromotional material

Ammonia and odour abatement methods for the NI pig industry - 2015

Published 01 April 2015Guidance literature

Assessing the impact of EU biofuel support policies

Published 01 April 2015Consultation reportsGuidance literatureImpact assessments

FAPRI EU and UK Baseline Briefing Book 2015

Published 01 January 2015Guidance literatureResearch and analysisSupport Material

Forage maize - candidate varieties

Published 17 December 2014Guidance literature

Potato flea beetles

Published 10 December 2014Guidance literatureSupport Material

Sleeping disease syndrome of trout

Published 19 November 2014Guidance literatureSupport Material

Ulcer disease of ornamental fish

Published 19 November 2014Guidance literature