Meet the Scientist - Dr Myles Patton

Date published: 25 September 2017

Area of Expertise:

This month Dr Myles Patton, Agricultural and Food Economics Branch talks about his role in AFBI.

I joined Agricultural and Food Economics back in 2002, initially as a commodity market analyst as part of the Food and Agriculture Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) Northern Ireland project. This involved using economic-sector models to analyse the impact of policy changes on production, trade, prices and consumption in Northern Ireland.  This morphed into the FAPRI-UK project in 2005, which has been used to look at different CAP policy reforms and trade negotiation proposals on behalf of the four agricultural administrations in the UK.  Most recently we have been looking at the impact of Brexit, which has been very challenging but interesting. 

I am originally from the outskirts of Portadown but now live in Bangor.  I completed my PhD from Queen’s University in 2001 and have been part of the woodwork at Newforge ever since.

Interesting facts about Myles Patton:

What are your hobbies?
Since having kids, hobbies are thing of the past.  I hope to revive my football career in a few years time.

What is the last book you read?
I enjoy historical fiction and am currently reading a novel about the War of the Roses called “The Sunne in Splendour”.

If you weren’t in your current position what job/career would you like to be doing?
Probably teaching as both my parents were teachers.

Can you cook?  If so what is your speciality dish?
Only with the help of Jamie Oliver.  A beef wellington is usually a good show stopper.

What is your favourite TV/radio show?
Given that I spend a large part of my day commuting by train, I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts and enjoy Dan Snow’s History Hit, Desert Island Discs and various footie podcasts.



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