Meet the Scientist - Chris Johnston

Date published: 21 June 2017

Area of Expertise:

I began working at AFBI in August 2012 so very nearly five years ago! My role is Project Leader in Environment & Renewable Energy research based at AFBI Hillsborough. Whilst the research programme that I manage is within Agri-Environment Branch, I am based at AFBI Hillsborough where the majority of the facilities for Environment and Renewable energy reside.

Many of my daily activities involve communication with industry and environment sectors especially to develop research funding bids to further our work area and disseminate the results we generate.  Much of what we are currently doing in Agri-Environmental Technologies resonates strongly with commercial opportunities I was working on in my previous private sector role and as such I envisage a number of commercialisation opportunities in the future.

Interesting facts about Chris Johnston:

What are your hobbies?
In the winter I love skiing and snowboarding and in the Summer I have to get out in the boat fishing and lobster potting. At all other times as much rugby as I can watch, particularly internationals.

Can you cook? If so, what is your speciality dish?
Indian Cooking and fish (not fish Curry). I have been on a number of cookery courses taught by Madhur Jaffrey (Indian Cooking) and Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall and Rick Stein.

What is your favourite TV/radio show?
“Father Ted” (with a close second “The IT Crowd” / Radio 4 political satire “The News Quiz” or “The Now Show” or “Dead ringers”

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could bring along 3 people – Who would you bring?
David Attenborough would be fascinating as indeed would Brian Cox however If I am going to be assigned to a life of suffering, I’d need to bring my Wife to share it with me!!!

If you weren’t in your current position what job/career would you like to be doing?
Something Medical

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