It is Invasive Species Week 2023!

Date published: 19 May 2023

It’s invasive species week 2023!

This event runs from the 15-21 May 2023 and is a week of raising awareness amongst individuals, local action groups, stakeholders, and associate organisations across social media.

As part of the week, freshwater ecologist Harry Teagle introduces you to the invasive zebra mussel. 

This talk covers the origins of the zebra mussel, how to identify it in the wild and a history of its spread from its native range throughout Europe, including its arrival in Northern Ireland.

The Zebra Mussel: spread and impacts in Lough Neagh

Harry also speaks about some of AFBI’s research currently being undertaken on this notorious invasive in Britain and Ireland’s largest freshwater lake, Lough Neagh. 

For more information on invasive species week 2023, make sure to follow along on twitter using the hashtag #INNSweek!

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