Important information on temporary changes in the provision of Postmortem facilities at OMAGH Laboratory

Date published: 12 June 2024

Area of Expertise:

Due to critical maintenance and repair of the main PM facilities at Omagh requiring the closure of the facility for approximately 3 months over the summer, there will be a short-term change to the PM service we provide.

Post Mortem facility at AFBI Omagh laboratories

From Monday 17 June 2024 we will continue to provide PM for animals up to a limit of approximately 45kg in a smaller secondary PM facility (in effect calves under 1 month of age and lighter sheep) but we will not be able to provide PM for any animals larger than 45kg at Omagh.

Please also note that unfortunately we are unable to accept foetuses for abortion investigations at Omagh during this period, and any such submissions should be sent directly to Stormont only.  

The expected works should be completed by early or mid-September, but updates will confirm the completion of the work and full resumption of services closer to the date. During this period, the PM service at AFBI Stormont will continue to operate as normal.

All other services at Omagh will continue as usual, and samples can continue to be sent in and veterinary advice will continue to be available. If you have any queries or concerns over submissions or any other cases, then please speak to one of our vets who can advise on submission to Stormont if necessary or on sampling of cases.

We appreciate this is an unfortunate inconvenience, for which we apologise, but it is critical that this work be undertaken so that we can continue to deliver high quality PM services effectively and safely into the future.

Notes to editors: 

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