Ian Paisley MP visits AFBI Hillsborough Environment and Renewable Energy Centre

Date published: 15 January 2014

Area of Expertise:

Mr Ian Paisley, MP for North Antrim, visited the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Hillsborough in late December 2013. The purpose of his visit was to obtain an insight into ongoing AFBI research on the potential for biomass energy generation in Northern Ireland. His key objective was to determine the opportunities for local business and employment in this expanding sector.

Dr Rodrigo Olave (AFBI senior scientist), Mr Ian Paisley MP, Dr Trevor Gilliland (Head of AFBI Hillsborough), Mr Chris Johnston (Project leader, AFBI Environment & Renewable Energy Centre)

Key topics covered during the visit included: agricultural sustainability; climate change; land sourced renewable energy; and the extent to which the agricultural production of biomass crops had been adopted locally.

With a backdrop of increasing uptake of biomass technology, stimulated by Renewable Obligation Certificates and Renewable Heat Initiatives, Mr Paisley’s main concern was where all this biomass would ultimately come from, given the relatively low level of forestation in Northern Ireland. The advice from the AFBI scientists was that a significant quantity of our future biomass requirements for energy generation was expected to come from importation.

Mr Paisley was very supportive of the concept that local agricultural biomass production would have an important and continuing role in the sustainable supply of biomass for small to medium scale heat generation. In such systems the quality of the wood chip is very important and AFBI’s research and support for this sector has helped develop short rotation coppice (SRC) willow biomass production and appropriate supply chains to deliver energy supply services.

Mr Chris Johnston & Mr Ian Paisley discuss the research work at AFBI’s Environment & Renewable Energy Centre
Mr Chris Johnston & Mr Ian Paisley discuss the research work at AFBI’s Environment & Renewable Energy Centre
Mr Paisley was also eager to promote opportunities for local businesses to take the lead in biomass production outside of Northern Ireland and to capture the profits and benefits of any future importation trade for the local economy. Chris Johnston presented an AFBI vision of a developing bioenergy sector in Northern Ireland with opportunities for the ethical and sustainable production of SRC biomass crops in other countries.

Such enterprises could benefit both the country of production and Northern Ireland by providing increased fuel security locally and employment opportunities in both countries.

Mr Paisley concluded the meeting by stating that AFBI expertise would be pivotal in assisting local entrepreneurs to achieve the full potential of biomass for heat and power production. As part of his continuing support for local business interests in this area, he was keen to promote ever closer links between the Renewable Energy Centre at AFBI Hillsborough and the private sector.

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