“I love it and if you were here, you could see why!” Northern Ireland Farmers are telling AFBI what makes them proud about their farms

Date published: 25 May 2023

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“I love it and if you were here, you could see why!” was the response of one farmer to the AFBI farm survey which is asking farmers to tell the researchers what makes them proud to be a farmer in Northern Ireland.

Survey Closing Date extended until 29th May

Diane Burgess, who leads on the survey, says:

“We have had a good response to the survey so far and what farmers are telling us is incredibly helpful.

Quote from a farmer who has taken the survey
Quote from a farmer who has taken the survey
The answers have shown that farmers have many reasons to be proud, including producing good healthy animals, maintaining their family legacy, supporting their communities, and making spaces for nature on their land.  Farmers have been improving their farms over generations, from the soil under their feet to the livestock and crops they produce.  One farmer said “Our farm represents everything that is good about food production. A wholesome, healthy and commercial business”.

Recognition from others was also important, with one farmer saying they felt proud “When locals stop by to say how wonderful it is to see such healthy animals grazing in my fields, see how I look after the countryside, see my forest areas and miles of hedges with great bird life.”

This survey is running until Monday 29th May 2023.  We are keen to understand how farmers make decisions in this changing world: do they seek information from their friends and family, refer to DAERA/CAFRE advisors, or listen to environmental groups who have begun to work with farmers?  We want to hear from farmers to find out what they are doing to help Northern Ireland’s environment, recognising their skills and ability to make positive changes.  Do farmers need support to make these changes?  Where do farmers go to find this support or advice?

We want to hear from farmers in Northern Ireland: big, small, livestock, horticulture, pigs, poultry, arable, a mix of any or all of the above. If you are an active farmer, please complete our short survey!  As a thank you, we have ten £100 vouchers to be won which can be used at a wide range of shops and online (a full list is shown on www.afbini.gov.uk/FarmSurvey.

This survey is being funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.  It is an important survey which has the potential to shape DAERA policy going forward.  The survey is available both online and in paper format with prepaid return postage.  To take part in the survey online please visit: www.afbini.gov.uk/FarmSurvey or scan this QR code with your smartphone:

You can scan this QR code with your smartphone to take part in the survey.
You can scan this QR code with your smartphone to take part in the survey.


Notes to editors: 

Link to the survey: www.afbini.gov.uk/FarmSurvey.

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