All Island Animal Disease Surveillance Report 2020

Date published: 31 January 2022

Area of Expertise:

Surveillance for animal disease continues in a changing Europe and a changing world, to monitor trends in disease prevalence and impact. Many factors such as climate change, political change, new trading patterns and the evolution of our food animal production systems ensure that animal disease is an ever-mobile shape-shifting target. While the recently implemented Animal Health Law mandates surveillance standards for EU member states, the OIE (World organisation for Animal Health) sets global standards and targets for every country on the globe and the sharing of intelligence on diseases, pathogens, and indeed even the specific strains of pathogens remain as key functions for animal surveillance systems globally.

Vet inspecting an adult sheep

This report, produced collaboratively between the Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute in Northern Ireland and the laboratory service of the Department of Agriculture & Food in Ireland continues to be a prime example of transboundary information sharing and collaboration. This report represents a synthesis of literally thousands of postmortem dissections, laboratory tests, histopathological examinations and painstaking note taking, report writing and data entry by dedicated teams of vets and scientists in both jurisdictions. 

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Notes to editors: 

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