AFBI Hosts Supergen Bioenergy Hub Conference

Date published: 24 November 2017

Area of Expertise:

The Supergen Bioenergy Hub, in which AFBI is a partner organisation, aims to bring together industry, academia and other stakeholders to focus on the research and knowledge challenges associated with increasing the contribution of UK bioenergy to meet strategic environmental targets.

The Hub consists of Bioenergy researchers from many Universities and Research Institutes across the UK.

The 2017 SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Annual Assembly was held at AFBI Hillsborough on the 25th October.  The event, attended by over 80 people, was opened by Professor Trevor Gilliland from AFBI and followed by an introduction from the Supergen Director Professor Patricia Thornley. Chris Johnston, Head of AFBI’s Agri-Environmental Technologies Programme, then chaired the first session on Resources after giving an overview of AFBI’s research activities aligned with biomass production and environmental protection. AFBI’s project work in these areas is currently supported by funding from the EU (WaterPro project) and InvestNI through the Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE) amongst others.

Chris Johnston from AFBI
Chris Johnston from AFBI
The annual Assembly followed with presentations on the themes of feedstock pre-treatment, biomass conversion, energy vectors and finally energy systems. The delegates then enjoyed a tour of AFBI’s sustainable energy generation infrastructure including the Environment & Renewable Energy Centre, Anaerobic Digester and Nutrient Management Centre.

“Biomass resources are an essential part of the future circular bio-economy and our work here at AFBI can help integrate this production within our landscape in order to complement demands on water quality and sustainable waste water management” said Chris Johnston, Project leader at AFBI

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