AFBI Grass Open Day - AFBI Loughgall, 21 June 2023

Date published: 06 June 2023

Area of Expertise:

AFBI will hold a major Open Day with a focus on grassland swards at AFBI Loughgall on 21st June 2023 entitled GRASS: Grass-roots for Resilient, Adaptive & Successful Swards.

This major Open Day will be held at AFBI Loughgall on 21 June and is entitled “GRASS: Grass-roots for Resilient, Adaptive & Successful Swards"

The theme will be on how industry can increase the quality, growth and resilience of grazing swards to optimise both profit and environmental sustainability on farm.

Across seven stops, the event will showcase the latest research outcomes on grass varieties and sward mixtures to maximise grass production, potential uses of multi-species and legume-based swards on farm, and how emissions can be reduced through improvements in grass quality. Key updates from the roll-out of the Soil Nutrient Health Scheme in NI, as well as future developments in the GrassCheck grass growth monitoring scheme, will also be presented.

The Open Day will also feature an exhibition event, involving a wide variety of participants from different backgrounds, including industry representatives and advisors, such as AgriSearch, the Ulster Grassland Society and CAFRE advisors and technologists, as well as scientists from AFBI and QUB covering a range of research topics. 

Overall the event provides a unique opportunity to view and discuss the latest research from soil systems to grassland management and animal production, as well as how developments in grass research can stimulate new ways of optimising farming practices.

This is a not-to-be missed event for all grassland farmers!

More information on the event

Tours will depart every 30 minutes from 10.00 am until 6.30 pm, with tours expected to last approximately 2.5 hours. All are welcome but Eventbrite pre-registration is advisable to ensure participation in the desired tour slot.

Registration NOW OPEN!

Notes to editors: 

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