Make Sure Northern Ireland Farmers Inform UK Phosphorus Policy

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Farmers in Northern Ireland have a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities related to phosphorus. You can help to make sure these experiences feed in to how the UK plans to manage phosphorus in the future.

AFBI researchers are asking farmers in Northern Ireland to participate in a survey that is part of a wider UK project to foster awareness and strategic thinking around the complex role of phosphorus in the food system.  

The objective of the survey is to understand vulnerability and adaptability of farmers to shocks and policy changes related to phosphorus management. The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete, and does not ask for any personal information.

To make sure Northern Ireland has its say, please use and/or share this link: with farm manager colleagues.

The survey is carried out as part of the RePhoKUs project, a collaboration between AFBI, Lancaster University, University of Leeds, and CEH, funded by the Global Food Security’s ‘Resilience of the UK Food System Programme’.