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Research into the modelling and monitoring the impact of potential NVZ designations on surface water quality and farm management practices. Summary to be provided


Modelling and monitoring the impact of potential NVZ designations on surface water quality and farm management practices


Most NI rivers and lakes are eutrophic, due mainly to enrichment of watercourses with N and P leaching from agricultural land. While P is the true limiting factor, measures to reduce nitrate should also reduce P losses. Under the eutrophic criteria of the EU Nitrates Directive, the catchments to these waters must be designated as NVZs. This project will model and monitor changes in N and P losses to watercourses in these catchments, before and after designation, to identify the impact of measures introduced under action plans in these areas; these measures include lower organic-N loading, restricted dates of slurry application and increased storage times of slurries. As cyclic changes in nitrate loadings observed in the rivers to-date are likely to be greater than the effects of NVZ designation, the monitoring life span is likely to extend beyond the 3-yr time span planned for the modelling work.

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