Services provided by CISB including residue testing, validation, scientific training and consultancy work

Residue testing

CISB offers veterinary drug residue testing of food matrices, as well as animal feed testing to customers from the UK and around the world, encompassing:

  • Other UK government bodies
  • Government bodies from overseas
  • Other scientific establishments
  • Dairy companies
  • Food-processing companies
  • Feed companies
  • Private veterinary practices etc.

We can analyse single samples to multiple batches, and are UKAS-accredited for a very wide range of substances and matrices. 
Read AFBI’s Schedule of accreditation

Development and validation

In addition to our existing suite of tests, we can develop and validate new methods. Please contact us if this option is of interest to you.

Please also inquire about the possibility of carrying out other analytical work on our state-of-the-art instruments.

Scientific training

At CSB we have many years of experience in training scientists from all over the world in analytical methods of residue testing.

Consultancy work

CISB scientists supply consultancy services, on-site and off-site training on all aspects of European requirements concerning veterinary drugs including: legislation, analytical methods, validation & accreditation.

For further information, please contact: Chemical Immunodiagnostic Sciences Branch

Further services available from CISB

Testing for marine biotoxins in shellfish 

Please always contact us before sending in any samples!
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