AFBI Cattle Health Scheme

The AFBI Cattle Health Scheme is a CHeCS licensed scheme that provides a structured approach to a healthier herd.

Why choose the Cattle Health Scheme?

Cattle Health Scheme Logo AFBI's Veterinary Services Division (VSD) has provided diagnostic services to farmers in Northern Ireland and beyond for over 30 years and has established a close working relationship between VSD staff, private veterinary practitioners and the farming community.

VSD veterinary staff have recognised expertise in the diagnosis and control of the diseases covered by the scheme.

Testing is conducted to the highest standards, being monitored by external quality assurance schemes and/or performed to accredited standards (ISO 17025, ISO 9001, Good Laboratory Practice).

The scheme is conducted according to the Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS) rules.

Scheme membership

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Scheme membership will provide access to rapid, cost-effective results, backed by expert advice, helping you to improve cattle health and profitability.

Benefits will include:

  • Improved disease control
  • Improved profitability
  • Protection against accidental introduction of other diseases
  • Certification of cattle health status

Disease information

The scheme provides approaches for the monitoring, control or eradication of five of the most important endemic infectious diseases.

What is CHeCs certification standards?

AFBI Cattle Health Scheme : Certification Standards

Privacy Notice

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