Dr Rohan Sachdev





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Research Group

Agri-food Systems Economics

Research Interests

  • Regional Economics
  •  Multi Sectoral modelling
  •  Input-Output models
  •  Computable General Equilibrium models
  •  Drug and Alcohol Policy
  •  Household Consumption
  •  Demand-side impacts, Consumption Taxes


Rohan Sachdev is an Agricultural Economist at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and works on analysing policies through a macroeconomic lens using methods such as Input-Output and Computable General Equilibrium model. He has worked extensively on developing datasets on the economy of Northern Ireland, and these are currently being applied in various CGE models.

Prior to joining AFBI, Rohan worked on his Doctorate dissertation at the University of Strathclyde, in association with the Fraser of Allander Institute in Glasgow. He received a fully funded staff studentship for this work. His dissertation looked at quantifying the health impacts of alcohol consumption in a macroeconomic framework.

Rohan has also worked at multiple universities in the higher education sector, where he taught various modules in economics. At the University of Glasgow, Rohan taught economics to pre-university students to spread his passion for the subject and allow students to experience first-hand how economics can help shape the world.

At AFBI, Rohan works on analysing the economic impact of various policies in Northern Ireland and beyond through his expertise in CGE modelling.

Select Publication

Sachdev, R. (2021). The use of multi-sectoral models in evaluating the macroeconomic impacts of reduced household consumption of sin goods: the case of alcohol consumption in Scotland. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Strathclyde. Glasgow.