Surveillance and Monitoring: Insect Declines and Sensor Science

Date published: 26 November 2019

Dr James Bell, Rothamsted Research provided a presentation 'Surveillance and Monitoring: Insect Declines and Sensor Science' on Thursday 21st November at AFBI Newforge.


Dr James Bell, Rothamsted Research

James is a Quantitative Ecologist, Head of the Rothamsted Insect Survey and work package leader of Rothamsted’s strategic program Smart Crop Protection. He studies distributional and longitudinal trends of insects and show how these are driven by environmental and climate-driven processes.

James' work is at the cutting edge of migration detection biology and his research has been published in high impact journals, including Nature, Global Change Biology, Nature Climate Change and Ecology Letters.

James has key publications in the study of GM crops, pest regulation and effects of human cooperation on the management of insect pests.

He has also studied and published on a range of taxa in terrestrial, freshwater and coastal systems, and has conducted fieldwork in both tropical and temperature systems.