Summary of Research findings funded by Pig Regen Ltd (2009 - 2013), April 2013

Date published: 01 April 2013

Summary of Research findings funded by Pig Regen Ltd covering period 2009 - 2013


Since 2009 Pig Regen Ltd have funded research in five main areas:

  1. The efficient and effective use of starter diets pre and post weaning
  2. The adoption of phase feeding for finishing pigs
  3. Rate of feed use efficiency deterioration as pigs get heavier
  4. Reducing the prevalence of salmonella on pork
  5. Sow productivity

AFBI gratefully acknowledge funding for these studies from Pig Regen Ltd and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The assistance of commercial farmers for validation of results was also gratefully received as was the assistance by AFBI Hillsborough pig unit staff. The dedication by Dr Peter Cottney to complete a PhD in the area of sow productivity is also gratefully acknowledged as it was a significant contribution to the diversity of research conducted at AFBI Hillsborough in recent years.