Rural Proofing in Northern Ireland - Overview and Recommendations

Date published: 16 January 2018

Rural Proofing in Northern Ireland: An overview and recommendations on guidance, implementation and governance


Research was commissioned by DAERA through the Evidence and Innovation Programme to investigate ‘developing more effective rural proofing and rural champion models’ (Project E&I-15/2/05). Researchers from the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Northern Ireland and the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University carried out focus groups and interviews from late October through early December 2016 with representatives from government departments, arms-length bodies, local government, rural organisations, and other stakeholders. Participants were asked about their previous and current experience with rural proofing, as well as their understanding and interpretation of the new legislation. The research report now offers evidence-based recommendations on developing guidance materials to assist public authorities in complying with the Act, as well as on implementing the monitoring and reporting obligations.