Research to drive sustainable pig production - proceedings of a conference held at AFBI Hillsborough on 10th November 2015

Date published: 15 June 2016

Research findings presented at seminar 'Research to Drive Sustainable Pig Production'


Proceedings of a Conference held at AFBI Hillsborough on 10th November 2015

Welcome to the AFBI 2015 Pig Conference

The Northern Ireland Pig Sector is an important part of the local agri-food industry, accounting for around 7% of gross industry turnover for the food and drinks sector in 2014. In recent years, the Sector has gone through a period of rapid contraction and restructuring, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of pig farms, but also a major increase in average business size.

Today’s conference has been specifically designed to highlight results of current research from this integrated programme. The objective of the conference is to ensure that results of research undertaken at the Institute are disseminated as widely as possible to local pig producers.

The conference provides an in depth insight into the current research
programme at AFBI, as well as providing an excellent opportunity for those closely involved in the industry to comment on our current research programme and to suggest priorities for future research