All island disease surveillance report 2022

Date published: 09 January 2024

Surveillance for animal disease, monitoring trends in prevalence and impact, continues in a changing Europe and a changing world. Many factors such as climate change, political change, new trading patterns and the evolution of our food animal production systems ensure that animal disease is a dynamic, shape-shifting target.


Animal health surveillance data are an invaluable resource which help to optimize the monitoring and control of diseases known to be present throughout the animal populations. Furthermore, such data help us prepare for, and thus mitigate the impact of, any exotic, new or previously unknown disease outbreak were it to occur. It also helps to safeguard not only animal health and welfare, but also public health and food safety. The sharing of intelligence on diseases, pathogens, and indeed even the specific strains of pathogens remain as key functions for animal surveillance systems globally. The All Island Disease Surveillance report 2022 is an important aspect of sharing this information with stakeholders across the island, thus ensuring preparedness in the face of any changing trends or for any new, emerging, or re-emerging disease threats.