AFBI Stakeholder Open Meeting - 1 June 2017 Presentations

Date published: 22 June 2017

AFBI's Stakeholder Open Meeting "Progress Through Research and Innovation" was held on 1 June 2017 at AFBI Hillsborough.  A copy of the presentations from the day can be accessed from the below links.


  1. Chief Executives Overview - Dr Sinclair Mayne (AFBI CEO)
  2. Keynote address - "The Importance of Research and Innovation in Dairy Systems" - Dr Keith Agnew (Chief Executive, United Feeds Ltd and President of the NI Grain Trade Association)
  3. "Using GrassCheck to Drive Productivity" - Dr Debbie McConnell (AFBI)
  4. "GrassCheck - A Farmers Perspective" - Mr Hugh Harbinson (Dairy Farmer, Aghadowey)
  5. "Bovine Tuberculosis: The Challenges and Opportunities for Research to Support Disease Management" - Dr Andrew Byrne (AFBI)
  6. "AFBI Bovine TB Research - A Policy Perspective" - Mr Roly Harwood - (Senior Principal Veterinary Officer, DAERA Veterinary Service and Animal Health Group)
  7. "AFBI Fish Stock Assessment Data to Inform Fishing Quotas" - Dr Mathieu Lundy (AFBI)
  8. "AFBI Fish Stock Assessment Data to Support the NI Fishing Industry" - Mr Alan McCulla OBE (CEO Sea-Source/Anglo North Irish Fish Producers Organisation)