AFBI Pig Webinar: "Nutritional solutions to environmental challenges”

Date published: 01 December 2020

This publication is support material for the Pig Webinar "Nutritional Solutions to Environmental Challenges" held on 30th October 2020.


The AFBI Pig Webinar took place on 30th October 2020

In September 1996 a unique research consortium was formed, when AFBI, John Thompson & Sons and Devenish Nutrition got together to investigate and develop opportunities to improve the efficiency of pig production and to investigate and improve the effect of pig production on the environment. This group has collaborated since 1996 and continues to focus on research projects which will improve the sustainability of the pig industry. A webinar was held on Friday 30th October to present the findings of both scientific and commercial pig research carried out by the consortium. Fifty-five stakeholders took part. The role that pig nutrition has in reducing nitrogen, ammonia and odour emissions was visited.   A recording of the webinar will be available shortly on the AFBI YouTube Channel