AFBI Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Date published: 22 February 2019

The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) is Northern Ireland’s largest provider of agri-food science. It provides vital and unrivalled support to an industry which is a key economic driver within Northern Ireland. AFBI's Corporate Plan 2018-2022 can be viewed here


AFBI Corporate Plan 2018-2022

In response, this Corporate Plan outlines AFBI’s ambitions for the period 2018 to 2022. It sets out the three strategic outcomes AFBI aims to deliver for society, the economy and the environment, as well as industry and our customers in an ever more efficient and effective manner. The plan demonstrates the unique multi-disciplinary strength of AFBI and how AFBI will work with partners from science, government, industry and farmers to deliver a positive impact.

These achievements will be underpinned by attracting and developing excellent staff and building fit for purpose physical  infrastructure.

However, the world around us is changing quickly and the execution of this corporate plan will set the future course for AFBI to be a leading provider of agri-food science in NI, the UK and beyond. It will enable AFBI to respond to the many future global and local developments and challenges that are expected.

Particularly important issues are;

  • global population growth;
  • safe and healthy food; and
  • the need for an environmentally sustainable and resilient agri-food industry.

External developments will also affect AFBI’s course, such as the UK’s exit from the European Union, Shifts in research funding and the growing need to build effective and strategic alliances to deliver cutting edge, integrated scientific solutions.