Our Vision, Purpose and Strategic Priorities

Part of: Introducing AFBI

AFBI’s Corporate Strategy 2023-2027 sets out an ambitious plan that has been designed to capture our aims and ambitions for the period. It envisages a future for AFBI which maximises the potential of our multidisciplinary scientific expertise to address the key challenges of the next four years and beyond and deliver applied and impactful outcomes for society, the economy and the environment. The strategic direction of AFBI over the period 2023-2027 is focused on the delivery of 5 Strategic Priorities set out below, underpinned by a new AFBI Vision and Purpose.


Scientific excellence delivering impactful and sustainable outcomes for society, economy and the natural environment


To deliver trusted, independent research, statutory & surveillance science, and expert advice that addresses local and global challenges, informs government policy and industry decision making, and underpins a sustainable agri-food industry and the natural and marine environments.

Strategic Priorities

Our scientific outcomes and knowledge makes AFBI a national and global leader in agri-food science.

  • Leading improvements in the agri-food industry to
  • enhance its sustainability
  • Protecting animal, plant and human health
  • Enhancing the natural and marine environment
  • Delivering Quality Outcomes and Impact
  • Enabling World Class Science through Excellence in People, Places & Technology