THURS 1 OCTOBER AT 10am: REGISTRATION STILL OPEN - AFBI Science Outlook Webinar - The Future of Beef Production to 2030

Date published: 29 September 2020

AFBI will be hosting the fourth in its Science Outlook Webinar Series "The Future of Beef Farming to 2030" on Thursday 1 October 2020.The link to register for this event is below.

Dr Steven Morrison, Head of Livestock Production sciences within AFBI, will outline the background of the Northern Ireland beef industry and its importance to the economy and wider society. Steven will also highlight the main challenges the sector will face over the next decade namely Production efficiency and resilience to shock; the environmental impact of beef production and meeting consumer expectations.

AFBI’s leading beef production scientists, Dr Francis Lively and Dr Denise Lowe will then outline some opportunities to address these challenges. 
Francis will highlight opportunities in the areas of maximising grass based beef, genetics and precision nutrition and the role of data and new technologies such as virtual fencing.  
Denise will focus on the important role of beef production within a wider environmental and landscape management perspective.  Denise will also consider the potential trade-offs and win wins between protecting and enhancing the environment and productivity.
Dr Elizabeth Magowan (Director of Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences in AFBI) says, “As an organisation with a strong commitment to delivering research to advance the agri-food industry in Northern Ireland and beyond, AFBI is constantly looking to the future.  This seminar therefore will highlight the vision of AFBI’s leading research scientists in sustainable beef production with regard to key challenges and opportunities for the NI beef industry.  All our stakeholders are very welcome to participate in this webinar as well as anyone with an interest in the topic.” 

The webinar will be broadcast using WebEx and a Q & A session will follow each presentation.


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