Society of Irish Plant Pathologists (SIPP) autumn meeting

Date published: 28 October 2016

Area of Expertise:

The Society of Irish Plant Pathologists recently held their Annual Autumn Meeting at AFBI Hillsborough.

The programme included presentations by leading plant pathologists from all over the island of Ireland on a range of different plant pathogens, including those that affect fruit, mushrooms, arable crops and forests.

Lisa Black (AFBI), Stephen Kildea (Teagasc) and Gillian Young (AFBI)
Lisa Black (AFBI), Stephen Kildea (Teagasc) and Gillian Young (AFBI)
Presentations were also made by two recently retired AFBI plant pathologists (Dr Louise Cooke and Dr Alistair McCracken) who reviewed highlights and accomplishments over the course of their careers.  Postgraduate students also presented as part of the annual SIPP student competition and those who attended enjoyed a tour of the AFBI Environment and Renewable Energy Centre.

SIPP was founded in 1968 and currently has members from across the island of Ireland and the world working in many plant pathology related disciplines. The Society is very interested in actively promoting the science of plant pathology to students, professionals, industry and all interested individuals, and encourages increased communication, initiatives and research. Members are in regular contact and meet at least twice a year to discuss the latest research.


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