New addition to AFBI’s Pig and Poultry Research Team

Date published: 11 August 2020

Area of Expertise:

Dr Christina Mulvenna has recently joined AFBI’s pig and poultry research team as a post-doctoral research scientist.

Christina obtained both an MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast. Her PhD focused on the use of remote sensing technologies such as accelerometers and GPS technology to monitor the behaviour and estimate energy expenditure of livestock.

Having initially joined AFBI on a short term contract in September 2019, she has worked with both the pig, poultry and beef teams.

Going forward Christina will be directly involved in an EU funded project focused on reducing the excretion of phosphorus from pigs and poultry (PeGaSus) and a DAERA funded project focused on reducing ammonia emissions.  These projects will involve addressing the sustainability and efficiency of phosphorous use in broilers and pigs, and monitoring ammonia (NH3) emissions from commercial broiler and pig houses, respectively.

AFBI is looking forward to Christina being a key member of the livestock research team at Hillsborough and she will be working closely with industry and CAFRE on important research projects alongside Dr Elizabeth Ball (AFBI’s Senior Pig and Poultry Scientist), and Dr Ramon Muns (AFBI’s Head of Pig and Poultry Research).

Notes to editors: 

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