Farming for the Future - Major AFBI Open Days on 18 - 19 June

Date published: 02 April 2024

AFBI Hillsborough’s doors will open to the farming community to showcase their latest research to further enhance sustainability of dairy, beef and sheep systems in “Farming for the Future” Open Days, which will take place over 18 and 19 June.

AFBI’s “Farming for the Future” Open Days will take place over 18th and 19th June at AFBI Hillsborough

The last major Open Day at AFBI Hillsborough was in 2018 and we are delighted to be able to welcome farmers back face-to-face.

Livestock farming systems have a significant role to play in Northern Ireland’s ability to improve our local air and water quality, as well as meet the targets set in the Climate Act, while also supporting food security within the UK.

As such, these open days are very timely for all farmers in the livestock sector in Northern Ireland to see how the latest AFBI research underpins future sustainability in key areas such as nutrient use efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases and carbon footprints; reducing nitrogen and phosphorus excretion, whilst enhancing biodiversity and optimising productivity. The first day on Tuesday 18 June will focus on dairy systems, while the focus will be on beef and sheep systems on Wednesday 19 June.

The event will have a guided tour where talks will cover research from the soil through to the animal itself and impacts on water and air quality. These talks will be from leading AFBI scientists and invited eminent scientists from the UK and Ireland.  There will also be a ‘village’ area where farmers will have a chance to chat to scientists and hear about wider research including pig and poultry research, animal welfare, anaerobic digestion, use of biomass and much more. The wider agri-industry will also be present in this village where farmers can engage with stakeholders in areas such health and safety on-farm, education courses available in the agri-food sector and farmer’s wellbeing to name a few.

This event has lots to offer so all are encouraged to come and spend the day at AFBI Hillsborough or just a couple of hours- the event will take place during the day on Tuesday (18 June) with tours starting at 10am and the last tour leaving at 2.30pm; and in the afternoon and evening on the Wednesday (19 June) with the first tour starting at 1pm and the last tour leaving at 5.30pm.

Much more detail of these important events will follow in the coming weeks, but in the meantime make sure to keep the dates free:
AFBI Hillsborough on 18/19 June is the place to be for all farmers.

Notes to editors: 

AFBI’s Vision is “Scientific excellence delivering impactful and sustainable outcomes for society, economy and the natural environment”.

AFBI’s Purpose is “To deliver trusted, independent research, statutory and surveillance science and expert advice that addresses local and global challenges, informs government policy and industry decision making, and underpins a sustainable agri-food industry and the natural and marine environments”.

AFBI’s core areas:

  • Leading improvements in the agri-food industry to enhance its sustainability.
  • Protecting animal, plant and human health.
  • Enhancing the natural and marine environment.


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