English dairy farmers visit AFBI

Date published: 06 October 2014

Area of Expertise:

A farmers’ group from England, hosted by Dairy Co, recently visited the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Hillsborough and were presented with information on a number of completed and ongoing Hillsborough research projects.

Mike Davies giving the group an overview of herd management practices in the parlour

Dr Steven Morrison (AFBI) updated the group on research on heifer rearing and the Bovine Information System (BovIS) after which Mike Davies (AFBI) gave an overview of different aspects of managing the dairy herd.

Peter Purcell presenting results from recent grazing studies
Peter Purcell presenting results from recent grazing studies
Dr Andrew Dale and Peter Purcell then presented details of some recently completed grazing studies, which was followed by an overview of recent research on dairy crossbreeding, management systems, and winter feeding by Conrad Ferris.

Notes to editors: 

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