DATE FOR YOUR DIARY - 2 JULY: AFBI Science Outlook Webinar - Safeguarding NI's Natural Capita from Invasive Alien Species

Date published: 22 June 2020

Area of Expertise:

Dr Elizabeth Magowan (Director of Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences in AFBI) says “This webinar represents the third in a number of online events which AFBI will broadcast in the coming months on topical issues for the future of farming and the environment in NI".

Pictured L-R: Dr Colin Fleming and Dr Archie Murchie

"Invasive Alien Species are defined as problematic non-native species that invade a new region. They are considered the second greatest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss. Plant Health and Invasive Alien Species are two sides of the same coin and also include pests and pathogens of plants, which can cause large environmental and economic damage.

AFBI is pleased to that Colin and Archie, two internationally renowned experts in this area will present their work on what AFBI is doing to manage the impact and threats posed by invasive alien species to Northern Ireland's Natural capita.”


  • Dr Colin Fleming has over 30 years experience as a plant pathologist, and is a global expert on plant parasitic nematodes. Colin will present work on the increasing threats to plant health from plant pathogens and pests driven by international trade and climate change.
  • Dr Archie Murchie is AFBI’s expert entomologist with over 20 years experience.  He is a Honorary Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and his work focuses on sustainable pest management, invasive species, insect monitoring, plant health and vector entomology. His talk will focus on the impact and threats posed by invasive alien species to both agricultural production, the wider environment and human-wellbeing.

The webinar will be broadcast using WebEx and a Q & A session will follow each presentation.

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