CIEL Feed and Forage Efficiency Seminar

Date published: 13 February 2017

Area of Expertise:

You are invited to a CIEL Feed and Forage Efficiency seminar to be held on 28th February 2017 at AFBI Hillsborough, Large Park, Hillsborough, BT26 6DR from 10.00am - 4.00pm


10 am – Welcome

10.15 – Growth and development effects on efficiency in growing animals, Dr Mark Young (CIEL)

Industry leaders challenge:

10.45 - Considerations on cost of production and driving profit, Justin McCarthy (Irish Farmers Journal)

11.15 - Opportunities to increase grass and forage utilisation, Dr Sinclair Mayne (AFBI)

11.45 - Feed in the future, TBC (NIGTA)

12.15 - Lunch

1.30 – 4pm Three breakout sessions:

Breakout 1: Dairy production:

1.30 Improving whole farm feed efficiency of dairy herds, Prof Phil Garnsworthy (Nottingham University)

1.50 Improving precision within winter feeding systems, Dr Conrad Ferris (AFBI)

Maximising grassland use efficiency, Dr Debbie McConnell (AFBI)

2.30 Discussion on developing future projects

4pm Close

Breakout 2: Beef and sheep production

Intake and maintenance requirements of beef, Dr Francis Lively and Dr Tianhai Yan (AFBI)

1.50 Feed Efficiency in Beef Systems, Prof Richard Dewhurst (SRUC)

2.10 Feed into Lamb, Dr Aurelie Aubry and Dr Tianhai Yan (AFBI)

2.30 Discussion on developing future projects

4pm Close

Breakout 3: Pig production

1.30 Focus on ZnO, Prof Helen Miller (Leeds University)

1.50 Improving the lifetime performance of low weight pigs, Aimee Louise Craig (AFBI)

2.10 Factors affecting finishing pig performance, Dr Elizabeth Magowan (AFBI)

2.30 Discussion on developing future projects

4pm Close

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If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact Casey Woodward (CIEL), Mark Young (CIEL) or Elizabeth Magowan (AFBI) Tel: 028 9268 2484
We look forward to your attendance.

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