AgriSearch webinars in partnership with AFBI and CAFRE to examine autumn options for farmers

Date published: 23 August 2023

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The summer of 2023 has been particularly challenging for Northern Ireland's dairy, beef and sheep farmers.

The webinars will look at options that farmers can take this autumn to help mitigate the challenges they are facing

After a dry May and June, there has been almost incessant rain which has affected grass quality and hampered silage making.  Ground conditions in many areas have been challenging with stock having to be housed at times.  These conditions have not been conducive to livestock health and performance and it is likely that many of the silages being fed to livestock this winter will be sub-optimal.  At the same time farmers are facing a cost / price squeeze with the cost of purchased feed remaining near historical highs and prices for milk, beef and lamb all under pressure.

With these issues in mind AgriSearch, in partnership with CAFRE and AFBI, is organising two webinars for Northern Ireland ruminant livestock farmers which will look at options that farmers can take this autumn to help mitigate the challenges they are facing.

The first of the webinars is “Autumn Options for Beef”;  this will take place on Wednesday 30th August at 8pm. The second webinar is “Autumn Options for Dairy”;  this will take place on Thursday 31st August at 8pm.

Topics to be addressed at the webinars will include forage planning and budgeting, options for dealing with poorer quality silage and proactive steps that can be taken to safeguard animal health and help your farm business get through what will be a challenging period.

You can register for the webinars by visiting the AgriSearch website 

CAFRE are holding a series of six farm walks over the coming weeks for sheep farmers.  While these events will primarily focus on prevention of lameness, forage planning for the coming winter and wider animal health issues will also be discussed.  Full details of these farm walks can be found on the CAFRE website

Notes to editors: 

You can register NOW for the beef webinar on 30 August 

You can register NOW for the dairy webinar on 31 August

AgriSearch (The Northern Ireland Agricultural Research and Development Council) is an independent charity, registered with the Charities Commission for Northern Ireland.  AgriSearch was formed in 1997 to provide a mechanism through which beef, dairy and sheep farmers could have direct involvement in production orientated research. Funds contributed to AgriSearch are used to commission research into the improvement and development of beef, sheep and dairy farming.  AgriSearch’s guiding principal is to provide practical benefit for primary producers to reduce costs, improve performance, drive innovation and improve welfare.  Duplication of existing R&D work is avoided, and every effort is made to get maximum leverage from complementary funding sources. 

For further information contact Jason Rankin (General Manager).  Email: Tel: 028 92681316.  Innovation Centre, Large Park, Hillsborough, BT26 6DR

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