AFBI/DARD Cereal Recommended List for 2015 continues to ensure the right variety choices for Northern Ireland

Date published: 06 January 2014

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The new AFBI/DARD Cereal Recommended List for 2015 was launched at a recent Northern Ireland Seed Merchants’ Meeting.

The new AFBI/DARD Cereal Recommended List for 2015 can be viewed on the AFBI website at

This booklet is a comprehensive guide to cereal varieties best suited for use within Northern Ireland and is based on data collected from the extensive variety evaluation programmes carried out by AFBI Crossnacreevy and part-funded by the Home Grown Cereal Authority (HGCA) (  The recommendations made by AFBI ensure that local growers can select varieties that  offer the best yield, agronomic and quality characteristics for local growing conditions.  Good contacts with local industry mean that over 80% of the seed entered into the Northern Ireland Seed Certification Scheme are varieties recommended by AFBI/DARD. 

Whilst there are some common varieties on the Northern Ireland and UK and Irish Recommended Lists, the AFBI/DARD recommendations are tailored to specific growing conditions, end-uses and grower preferences in Northern Ireland.  In addition, AFBI is the only variety trial operator in the UK and Ireland to measure straw yield in barley varieties.  This information is invaluable for growers, locally and nationally, who need to ensure maximum returns from grain and straw yield.  In particular, straw yield is a key quality characteristic for spring barley recommendations on the AFBI/DARD list.

The electronic version of the booklet is available at the link below and a copy of this publication will be available at the forthcoming Agronomy and Business Management Conference on Tuesday 13th January 2015. In addition to details of the recommended varieties, the booklet also provides information on varieties from the most recent trials that have not been recommended, and on newer varieties that are still under evaluation. 

AFBI recommended cereal varieties 2015

Yield and agronomic characteristics of all varieties in trial in 2014 can be viewed in the Recommended Variety Lists section.  This enables comparison of variety performance in Northern Ireland compared to the UK as a whole.  The 2015 Cereal Recommended List Booklet is also available from AFBI Crossnacreevy.

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