AFBI Senior Scientists visit Devenish Nutrition

Date published: 20 February 2017

Area of Expertise:

A group of AFBI senior scientists led by Dr Sinclair Mayne (AFBI CEO), were guests of Dr John Gilliland at the Devenish Nutrition Research and Development Farm, Dowth Hall, Dowth, Co Offaly on Wednesday 25th January.

AFBI staff on the recent visit to Devenish Nutrition

Staff heard of the fascinating history of the site over six thousand years, and how the estate has been shaped by human intervention over the millennia.

The site provides an exciting research opportunity to examine how productivity and nutritional quality of livestock products can be improved, whilst maintaining/improving the environment.

In summarising, Dr Mayne said that AFBI would be keen to explore opportunities to collaborate with Devenish, particularly in areas such as the use of Lidar, sward composition and productivity, improving the nutritive value of slurry, virtual livestock fencing and improving the nutritional properties of livestock products. 

Notes to editors: 

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