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Date published: 20 February 2017

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The pig research team at AFBI Hillsborough recently hosted a seminar for local industry stakeholders who have provided significant financial support to the diverse programme of work undertaken by AFBI.

Industry stakeholders who attended the recent seminar at AFBI Hillsborough

Whilst DAERA is a core funder of the work, all research projects are co-funded by industry organisations.  Pig Regen Ltd, Devenish Nutrition Ltd and John Thompson and Sons represent long term funders of the pig research programme through which many practical management and nutritional studies are conducted.  Dunbia and JMW Farms represent large NI businesses which have been involved in important joint government/industry funded projects in recent years and Karro provides unlimited access to their abattoir to aid in the routine collection of carcass data.

Pictured L-R Aimee Louise Craig, Anna Lavery, Elizabeth Magowan and Ramon Muns
Pictured L-R Aimee Louise Craig, Anna Lavery, Elizabeth Magowan and Ramon Muns
At the seminar Aimee Louise Craig and Anna Lavery presented their PhD studies which focused on optimising sow output and Dr Ramon Muns, who has recently joined the pig research team, presented  findings from his career to date in the area of piglet viability and the use of supplementation in early life.

Dr Elizabeth Magowan concluded the seminar by reporting work completed through the partnerships with the stakeholders who were present. Concluding remarks, along with a healthy discussion on future research needs of the industry, confirmed the event was a great success for the AFBI pig research team.” 

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