AFBI Food Research presents latest research to key customers

Date published: 25 April 2018

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AFBI Food Research Branch hosted a research day for invited customers on 20 April 2018 at AFBI - Newforge Lane. The goal was to inform regular customers about our latest research and invite their comments and suggestions. The event was attended by 24 customers and stakeholders, who were welcomed by the scientists from Food Research Branch.

The morning session was chaired by Jonathan Birnie (Birnie and Associates Consultancy Ltd) and was on “Meeting Consumer Demands” and there were four talks on enhancing the nutritional quality of milk, the sensory research conducted by AFBI, regional effects on consumer acceptability of beef and the causes of sporadic off-flavours in lamb.

David Farrell speaking at afternoon session

After a buffet lunch, the afternoon session on “Processing, Measurement and Prediction” was chaired by Joy Alexander (CAFRE). There were presentations on hyperspectral imaging, the use of high pressure processing with active packaging to extend shelf-life, marker compounds for flavour and their use to find ways to add value to beef as well as a talk on the future focus of AFBI.

After refreshments, attendees had the option to visit some of the facilities. The event generated plenty of discussion, both within the meeting and during breaks.

You can download the slide presentations here: morning sessions, afternoon sessions 

Attendees at the Key Customer Day

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