AFBI Fisheries Expert takes leading role on International Steering Group

Date published: 17 November 2023

AFBI Marine Fisheries expert Pia Schuchert (FAEB, EMSD) was recently elected chair of the Ecosystem and Observations Steering Group (EOSG) at the International Council of the Seas (ICES) for the period 2024-2027.

ICES is an intergovernmental marine science organization, meeting societal needs for impartial evidence on the state and sustainable use of our seas and oceans. ​​​​​​ICES goal is to advance and share scientific understanding of marine ecosystems and the services they provide and to use this knowledge to generate state-of-the-art advice for meeting conservation, management, and sustainability goals.

The network consists of about 6000 scientists from over 700 marine institutes and from 20 member countries and beyond.

Pia will be chairing EOSG which is responsible for guiding and supporting the scientific work of expert groups gathering marine environmental data and ensuring that the data are effectively coordinated, integrated and quality assured.

The EOSG plays a central role in taking marine survey and observation work into the future by developing monitoring to meet emerging data, Science and advisory needs, so Pia will be playing a vital role by helping maintain a focus on integrated ecosystem assessment and ecosystem-based management.

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