AFBI Attend "Science Uncovered" at the Ulster Museum

Date published: 24 October 2017

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems Branch represented AFBI at the ‘Science Uncovered’ event in the Ulster Museum on Friday 29 September. This was an event to mark European Researchers’ Night, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The aim of the evening was to give an opportunity for the public to meet the scientists and researchers that are shaping the world of scientific research.

The AFBI display covered the full spectrum of Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems Branch (FAEB) work, including freshwater fisheries, coastal science and marine stock assessment. Of particular interest to the participants was the live display of silver eels caught and tagged by AFBI staff in Lough Neagh, that are about to make a remarkable 3000 mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean to spawn.

During the day, STEM students from local schools were given the opportunity to ‘Meet the Scientists,’ and get hands on experience of the research carried out by AFBI through interactive displays. AFBI scientists were able to engage with, and answer questions posed by, the students.

The event was an overwhelming success, indulging the curiosity of the next generation of potential scientists.

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