Mr Ronan McCarry




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Research Group

Farm and Household Economics

Research Interests

  • Farm Safety
  •  Policy Impact Assessment
  •  Economics of Farm Households
  • Behavioural Economics

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Ronan is an Agricultural Economist at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Belfast. He has a BSc and MSc degrees in Economics from Queen’s University Belfast. He contributes to a number of research areas/projects within the farm and household economic group.  Recent research has focused on examining land leasing in Northern Ireland with a particular emphasis on identifying barriers to longer term land leasing in Northern Ireland.  He is contributing to a study on farm safety, to determine the socio-economic factors that contribute to farming accidents and to explore mechanisms to improve safety on Northern Ireland farms. As a compliment to his research to inform policy development, Ronan is also involved in policy evaluation research through his contribution to an evaluation project aimed at identifying the impact of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, in Northern Ireland. He is a member of the Agricultural Economics Society (AES) and the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE).

Select Publications

Adenuga A. H.; Jack C.and McCarry R. (2021). The Case for Long Term Land Leasing: A Review of the Empirical Literature. Land ,10(3)238

Angioloni, S.; Jack, C.; McCarry, R. (2020). Occupational Injury and Working Days Lost in Northern Ireland’s Farming Sector. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Preprints, 307454.

McCarry, R. (2018). The Modern Football Era: Analysis of the Labour Market in Football’s Premier League [Unpublished Manuscript]. Department of Economics, Queen’s University Belfast

Current Projects